Peter Mayer in Concert

Saturday, July 20th at 7pm

Hosted by In Spirit Ministries at:                                     First Unitarian Universalist Church                                    93 W. Weisheimer Rd., Columbus, OH  43214

Minnesota's Peter Mayer has been singing and songwriting full-time for over 20 years, performing in venues across the United States and beyond. He writes songs for a small planet--songs that celebrate life on earth and the mysterious and wondrous fact of our existence--songs about the vast cosmos that surrounds us and how we are a part of it all. He also writes songs about dress hats, pumpkins and pajamas, and even love and freight trains just like a good folk musician should. His music has been performed by artists like Kathy Mattea, David Wilcox, Claudia Schmidt, Anne Hills, Priscilla Herdman, Darryl Purpose, Billy Jonas, and Ronny Cox, to name a few. His work has been included in song books, church hymnals (i.e., Blue Boat, Holy Now), and folk radio playlists across the country. Peter has eleven albums to his credit, and has sold over 100,000 of them. He lives in Stillwater, Minnesota with his wife and two daughters.


Ticket cost:  $10 donation at door (checks should be payable to In Spirit)


For more information about Peter Mayer's music, see: https://www.petermayer.net/



Tom Kimmel House Concert

Saturday, October 5, 6:30 pm

Tom Kimmel is a singer, songwriter, entertainer, poet, and teacher. His songs have been recorded by a host of major artists, including Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Cash, Joe Cocker, Art Garfunkel, and Randy Travis. They've been featured in films, from Twins to Serendipity and Runaway Bride, and in tv shows from Captain Kangaroo and Touched by an Angel to Dawson's Creek.
Tom has released seven solo albums, published a book of poems, and led songwriting workshops and classes around the country and in Europe. He leads a music-centered tour to Ireland every year -- and an annual raft trip on the Salmon River in Idaho.  Don't miss this opportunity to experience Tom Kimmel's creative energy in person on this rare visit to Columbus. Complete list of appearances below: 
House Concert, Sat. October 5, 6:30 pm: At Dublin home of Joe Lambert & Joanne Blum. Tickets (only a few remain) are $20 and available at the IN SPIRIT STORE.
Unity of Delaware, Sun. October 6, 10:30am: Tom will provide the  music at Unity of Delaware's Sunday service. Location:  4277 Columbus Pike (StRte23), Delaware. Details at:  http://www.unitydelawareohio.org